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Setting up a new Assignment Type

On the Assignment Types window, you can add and maintain the types of assignments, and specify if the type is chargeable, external, inclusive of time and if the type has a nominal account. The Nominal Account code indicates where the bill value of the time is posted to for the assignment type.

Set up a new Assignment Type

  1. From the main menu, select Maintenance>Assignment>Assignment Types.
    The Assignment Types window appears in the content area.

  2. In the blank Description cell in the top row of the table, enter the name of the new Assignment Type.

  3. Use the check boxes to define the assignment type as ChargeableExternal or Included Time.

  4. To select a Default Paragraph for the assignment type, click the Default Paragraph cell and then the Browse button to access the Master Paragraphs window.

  5. Select the paragraph name. The paragraph text displays in the right side of the Master Paragraphs window.

  6. Click OK. The Master Paragraphs window closes and the selected paragraph is displayed in the Assignment Type window.

  7. Click OK to save the newly created assignment type and close the Assignment Type window.


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