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Viewing a Billing Group - TO BE DELETED

Billing groups are viewed, created and maintained through the Group tab on either the Client page or the Assignment page. From here you can see any child clients attached to the selected client or assignment, or view the parent client or assignment.

View a Billing Group

  1. Open the Client page for one of the clients in the billing group. If you want to view an assignment billing group, open the Assignment page for one of the assignments in the group.

  2. Click the Group tab to display it.
    If the client is a child client (or assignment) you will see the parent listed in the Parent Client (or Parent Assignment) area.
    If the client is a parent client (or assignment) you will see the children listed in the Child Clients (or Child Assignments) area.

  3. Double–click a client or assignment in the Group tab to open the corresponding Client or Assignment page.