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Raising a cash book payment

Raise a cash book payment

  1. From the main menu, select Bookkeeping > Cash Posting > Payments.
    The Cash Book Payments window appears.

  2. Select the Company for whom the payment is being made.

  3. Select the Account from the drop-down list.

  4. Select the Payment Source.

  5. Enter a unique reference Number and expense Description.

  6. Enter the amount in the Amount field.

  7. In the table, enter the net amount of the payment in the Net column.

  8. Select the Tax Rate from the drop-down list.
    The Tax and Gross fields are populated with the relevant amounts.

  9. Click in the Nominal column and select the expense account.

  10. Click the expense line.
    The Choose Dimension window appears, if Dimensions have been set up.
    Dimensions are set up via Maintenance > System > Dimension Maintenance.

  11. Select the relevant dimension from the Dimension Name column if required, then click OK.
    The Allocate Disbursements window appears.

  12. Click the Allocate button.
    The Disbursement Allocation window appears.

  13. Select the Assignment and Task against which the expense will be charged from the respective drop down lists.
    If only a part of the expense amount is to be allocated to this assignment/task, the relevant amount may be entered in the Amount to Allocate field. The amount in the Left to Allocate field may then be allocated to additional assignments as required.

  14. Click the Post button.
    The Payment Created window appears.

  15. Click OK.
    The payment item disappears from the Cash Book Receipt window to end the procedure.


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