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CCH Software User Documentation

Reallocating payment against an employee invoice

As a part of the payment process, payments should be matched against an invoice. At times, however, an allocation may need to be changed or corrected. You are able to reallocate a payment if the payment and the two invoices involved are for the same employee and they are in the same open tax period.

Reallocating payment against an employee invoice

  1. On the main menu, click Bookkeeping > Cash Posting > Employee Ledger.

  2. In the Employee Ledger window, if the employee Ledger window is not displayed, select the Ledger option.

  3. Select the Company.

  4. Enter the Employee Code or the Employee Name.
    A list of all the outstanding invoices and unallocated cash for the employee is displayed.

  5. Select the Show Zero check box.
    A list of all the transactions for the employee are displayed, including invoices at the top of the grid and payments listed below.

  6. Click the invoice that had the incorrect payment allocated to it and then press the [F2] key.
    The invoice is displayed along with the associated cheque payment.

  7. Press the [F2] key to restore the earlier view.

  8. Hold down the [Ctrl] key and select the invoice to which the allocation should be made.
    Both the incorrect payment (selected in the previous step) and the new invoice should now be highlighted.

  9. Click Reallocate.
    The correct invoice is paid and the incorrect invoice is now unpaid.