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Working Notes

This area details the functionality of the Working notes within CCH Personal Tax.

Notes Window

The menu items on the Notes window appears as follows:

Notes Window Menu.PNG

Within the Edit note window the Type of note: drop down is as follows:

Edit Notes Window Dropdown.PNG

Where the Type of note: is Working note, details of the person who created or last edited the note are recorded along with a date stamp:

Notes Window Populated.png

Additionally, CCH Personal Tax has been updated to record the details of the person editing the note where either the text of the note or the note type is updated.

A unique ID for each user is created using Employee Details > Code:

Employee Details Code.PNG

Alternatively, to display the first name and last name of the employee instead the following configuration key can be added with a key value of 1:

  • Tax-WorkingNotesDisplayName

This is now added automatically by the CSI.

If the employee is not present in the database, (e.g. where the case has been imported) and where this configuration key is present, the Employee Code from the export file is displayed.  This also applies to the Working Notes summary window.


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