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Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to specify a more detailed search utilising the metadata provided when documents are uploaded or created in CCH Document Management. The list of searchable fields also includes any custom fields and keywords.

Create Advanced Search

  1. Click Advanced Search next to the Search button at the top of the Document Centre window.
  2. To add the search criteria, click the option Click here to add search criteria.


  1. The first field in Advanced Search contains a list of all the fields that you can search on.  Choose the required field from the drop-down. Some of the the options include:
  • Create date - provides a calendar to specify a date
  • Type - provides a drop down list of document types
  • Created by -displays this Description: Advance Search Ellipses button to open the Find Employees search.
  1. The second field contains the operators to apply to the search field provided e.g. equal, not equal, between and so on.
  2. The third field is used to specify the details that you want to search for. For example, if you selected Assignment in step 4, then you would need to select the assignment name. The available options depends on the criteria specified in the first field. Other available options include:
  3. To further extend the search click the File:dm_conversion/dm/270_mtcch-dm-v2012.3-end-user-guide_26/image003.jpg  button or use the Description: Advance Search delete button button to remove search criteria
  4. When done click Apply to create the search.

In the example below, the search will return all documents for the client The African Wildlife Trust linked to the Audit assignment:






The filter applied appears in the search section as a hyperlink and can be clicked to open the Advanced Search window so it can be modified further.





Add Last Modified Date to fields available in Advanced Search

Last Modified date field is also available in the Advanced Searching.

Save Search Results

  1. To save the search criteria to use again, click Save under Saved Search on the Task Bar.


  1. Enter a Title and Description for the search (required).



  1. If this search is for use in the Client Filing library only (i.e for searching client/contact documents) then ensure that Contacts Only check box is ticked and then click Save.


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