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CCH Software User Documentation


Document Management licensing is based on the number of users who have permission to access any Document Management functionality.

How Licensing Works

A document user is defined as anyone who has access to any area within Document Management, i.e. they belong to a security group that has one or more Document Management permissions activated.

Security Groups

If a user belongs to multiple security groups that have Document Management access they will only be counted as one user. Inactive users should be removed from all security groups containing Document Management permissions as otherwise they will be retained in the user count.

Whenever a user is given access to a security group that has permissions for any of the Document functionality the system will check that this does not cause the licence count to be exceeded.

Note: If a user is already a member of a different security group that has Document Management access then the user count will not be incremented.

If changes are made to the permissions for a security group that enable access to any Document Management functionality, the system will check how many members in the security group are not already classified as Document Management users by virtue of being a member of another security group. If the additional users cause the number of licensed users to be exceeded, licensing will advise that the user count has been exceeded and will not allow the permission to be activated.


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