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CCH Software User Documentation

Viewing Nominal Details

Within the Trial Balance, you can view the transactions associated with a particular nominal code.

View Nominal Details

  1. Click the code hyperlink in the Nominal column.
    The transactions for the selected nominal account, i.e Nominal code 001, are displayed in a new window.

  1. To display the details of another nominal, select the nominal code on the Trial Balance grid.
    This updates the transactions displayed in the open window with those associated with the selected nominal code.

The transactions shown on the Nominal grid are in read-only mode.

To switch to the edit mode, select the Edit Transactions check box.

In this mode, the transactions are displayed in a different format and any field that cannot be edited is grayed out. You can click  any cell that is not shaded and edit the information recorded.

To edit any of the grayed out data, e.g. the amount of journal entries, click View Transactions.


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