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Import/Export : File Structure

You can define the format of files that you wish to import, or generate on an export.

Create a New Structure

  1. From the main menu, select Maintenance > Accounts > Import/Export Definition > File Structure.

The File Structure tab allows you to create new and also to edit file structure definitions.

  1. In the File Structure tab, ensure that the Create Mapping Structure radio button is selected and select the Mapping Structure Type to be created.
  2. To view a file to determine its structure while entering the definition, enter the name of the file to view in the File Name field, or select it using the Ellipsis button and then click View File.
  3. To create a structure, first define the format of the file and then the fields to be imported from it.



Enter the formatting details for the file, selecting from Comma Separated, Line feed separated or User defined. For user defined, enter the separator used in the file, e.g. “;”.

Has Headers

If the file that will be imported using the definition has header information that should be ignored, tick this check box and enter the number of lines that should be ignored.

Number of fields

Select the number of fields in each record using the scroll buttons. Fields are read in order so if there are any field that you wish to skip in the file they should be included in the number entered here and they can be mapped to <None>. On entering the number of fields, the system will display a grid in the lower half of the screen representing the number of fields to be mapped.

Mapping Structure Name

Enter the unique name which you wish to use to identify the file structure.

Mapping structure type

Select the required mapping structure for the type of file you are importing (trial balance, payments / receipts, journals), this will be defined by the contents of your import file

Map fields

Against each field position, Column1 to ColumnN in the grid, select the CCH AP field that the data is to be posted to. To do this, click in the PA Field Name column and select the field form the drop down list.


  1. After you have completed the definition, click Save.

Edit a Structure

  1. To edit an existing structure definition, select the Edit Mapping Structure radio button and a drop down arrow will appear at the end of the Mapping Structure Name field.
  2. Select the name of the definition to edit and it will be loaded and presented in the grid. You may edit any of the information displayed in the grid and add new line to the definition.
  3. After making the changes, click Save.



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