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CCH Software User Documentation

Creating Accounting Data for a Client and Year End options

Once a client has been created in CCH Central, accounting data will need to be created if not already created in Step 8 of the New Client Wizard. If accounting data exists, you may need to create the prior period.

Creating Accounting Data for a Client for the first time

To create accounting data for a client that already exists in CCH Central but for which no accounting data currently exists:

  1. Click the Accounts Production tab and then click into the row Click here to add new Accounting Period.


  1. Select / enter details in the Create Accounting Period window as described below.

    (i) Select the required Type from the drop down list, it is important to select the correct Type as this drives the formats and statutory database for the entity, this cannot be changed within the client.  In the example below we will choose Type: Company as seen in A below.

    The Types available are Company; LLP; Partnership (used for Medical only, for all other partnerships use Unincorporated); Sole Trader (do not use - use Unincorporated); Charity; Pension and Unincorporated.

    (ii) Once the Type has been chosen, the Entity, Master Pack and Chart fields will be populated, as seen in B below.

    (iii) Select the relevant Entity from the drop down list, if you require an alternative to that displayed, for example if setting up a Limited (FRS105) entity, as seen in C below.

    (iv) Select the relevant Chart for the Entity, if you require an alternative to that displayed, for example if you require the Limited Farm (FRS102) chart of accounts. 

    (v)  Do not change the Master Pack, it will default to the latest published master pack.

    (vi) Enter other relevant details such as Year start. Year End and Period will automatically default to a 12 month period, Registration No. if relevant for the entity, country of Incorporation if not the default, and Theme if not using the default.












3.  Click OK to finish.

Comparative data for a client with accounting data

If you have created the first accounting period that you are going to process, you may need to create the prior period(s) to hold the comparative data. 

Note: If you import trial balances for multiple years into this first accounting period within the Import screen in Accounts Production, then the prior periods will be created for you.

  1. Within Accounts Production, select the Home screen,at the top of the Task Bar list, then from the top ribbon, click Create Prior.


  1. In the Create Accounting Period window, the fields will be populated in line with the period you are in. If required ,change the Name, Year Start, Incorporation and Theme.
  2. The other fields are not available for edit. 

Year End options - creating the accounting period for the following year

From the Task Bar, choose the Accounts Production Home screen clipboard_e0042ddd9d429ec22487e7cc6685b97df.png the year end options are on the ribbon for this screen.

Year end and Finalise.png 

Year End performs a roll forward of financial data as does Finalise Accounts & Year End, the latter will also lock down the current period (finalise it).  The period for the next twelve months is created.  If this next period is an a long or short period of account you will edit the period within the General page in the General folder in the Statutory Database (SDB), see SDB section.  

Note: The Finalise Accounts option on the ribbon will finalise (lock down) a period without creating the next accounting period.