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Setting up Business Types

You may want to select a Business Type for a contact during the contact creation process or at a later stage. On the main menu File > Maintenance > Client/Supplier > Business Type is where you can set up the business type options that users can choose from.

Set up a Business Type

  1. From the main menu, select File > Maintenance > Client/Supplier > Business Type.

  2. On the Business Type tab, at the top row of the Name column, enter a description for the business type.

  3. To enter another business type, press [Enter] and then enter details in the blank row at the top of the grid.

  4. Select the check box to display the type as an option. Enabling the type makes it appear as an option in the Business Type drop down list on the contact creation window.  To remove a type from the available options, clear the check box for the type.

  5. When you have finished, click Buttom OK.PNG to save the business types and close the window.

Central - Maintenance - Client-Supplier - Business type.PNG


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