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Assignment Details Page: Main tab


The Main tab is the first tab you see when you open a Client's Assignment Details page. It gives an overview of the selected assignment. From here you can view and amend the following information:

  • the Assignment Type (view field only)

  • the Company, Office, Department, and Centre that the assignment belongs to

  • the Date Created being the date the assignment was created (view field only)

  • the status of the assignment (open, held or closed)

  • if it is recurring assignment

  • the job settings: frequency and algorithm

  • notes for your own or a colleague’s information. For more information about adding or editing a note, click here.

  • the Assignment Team and the responsibility of each team member for the assignment

  • An Assignment Team comprises employees who are assigned to the team automatically when their records matches that of the centre, company, office or department of the client's assignment.

    Notes under assignment main tab.PNG

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