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Adding a partner for a contact or client

This is also where you record the team of people who will perform various functions for the client, as well as the partner responsibility and structure responsibility that have been allocated to a particular client. These responsibilities are attached to clients for reporting purposes.
  1. Open the Contact or Client page for the contact that you want to add responsibilities to.

  2. Click the Responsibilities tab to display Partner Responsibility and the Team.

  3. In the Partner Responsibility panel, select the Start Date and End Date for the partner responsibility.

  4. Click the Partner field and then click the Ellipsis File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/170_How+to.../110_How+to+add+and+maintain+responsibilities+and+teams+for+a+contact%2C+client+or+assignment/bttn_ellipsis.gif that appears.

  5. In the Find Partners window enter Search criteria and then click Search.

  6. From the results list select the partner who will be responsible for the contact, client or assignment.

  7. Click OK. The partner's name is displayed in the Partner list.



A client can only have one partner assigned to them at any one time. Enter a Start Date and End Date. If you don't enter an End Date, the date before the Start Date of the new partner is applied as the End Date for the previous partner.


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